The Vape Redemption Project


Building Ireland's answer to sustainable, eco-friendly solutions for your used vapes.

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Who we are

VapeBox, The Vape Redemption Project has found the solution to the problem of single-use vape waste

  • šŸ”‹

    Single-use vapes contain valuable lithium-ion batteries.

    Enough lithium is thrown away per year to make batteries for 1,200 electric vehicles (BoIJ UK, 2022)

  • šŸšÆ

    71% of people we surveyed did not know that vapes can be recycled

    56% of regular and social vapers

    in Ireland dispose of their vapes

    in the black bin.

  • šŸŖ«

    Careless battery waste is

    killing our environment

    Toxic battery waste can leak into the soil, waterways and can cause landfill fires.

  • šŸ’œ

    VapeBox incentivises

    responsible vape recycling

    Our beta app will allow users to find their closest VapeBox, scan the QR code on our box, collect points and redeem them for rewards.

  • šŸŒƒ

    More accessible vape recycling

    We want to make vape recycling accessible to social vapers as

    this is where the majority of

    vape waste occurs.

  • ā™»ļø

    Our solution

    We aim to connect college campuses, student accommodation, nightclubs and pubs with retailers, waste management and recycling companies to combat the harmful effects of disposable vapes on our city ecosystem.

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